For-Sale-By-Owner or Professional Agent?

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Hey, which is better?  For-Sale-By-Owner or professional agent?

I just saw this great article on called, "An Easy Way to Make More Money Selling Your Home."

Dave Ramsey, a well-known financial expert says, "Look at it this way:  A top notch agent sold more homes last week than you will probably sell in a lifetime . . . Doesn't it stand to reason that they can help you achieve the most gain with the least pain?"

My partner, Barry Lasner and I sell, on average 30 homes a year, and it's all we do.  

If you knew you could net more money selling with us than you can on your own, that would be valuable, right? 

So give us a call or text.  Let's get together and we'll map it all out for you!  

You will also receive a professional Broker Opinion of Value (in the current market), and a free Security Checklist if you are currently selling on your own.  

You have nothing to lose and an "easy way to make more money selling your home"

We can be reached by phone or text at 908-930-4800 or on Facebook @MaryChurchillRealtor.

Here is a link to Dave Ramsey's full article, An Easy Way to Make More Money Selling Your Home - it's a 4-minute read!


Mary Churchill